Dewsbury House Covid 19 safety measures

We take our guest safety seriously.  Due to the current and ongoing situation we have carried out a risk assessment and have implemented the following to minimise the risk.

Please do not travel if you, anyone in your party or family feel unwell, please contact us to cancel or rebook. 

We kindly ask guest to do the following:-


Before arrival


Inform us of arrival time, only one party can enter the building at once.

Check with us if you will be using the kitchen facilities as we will only be supplying minimal items and you may need to bring your own 

On arrival


Sanitise hands on entering the property, with the sanitiser provided.

Ring us on arrival at the property, so we can arrange contactless entry.


During your stay


Ring if you need anything during your stay we will arrange contacless pick up from outside your room.

Inform us if you feel unwell and need to leave early(self isolation will not be possible at the property)

On Departure

Ring when you are ready to depart, please leave keys in the room.

We would appreciate it if guest stripped the bed and placed all linen including mattress and pillow protectors and all towels in the black bag provided.


All the apartments will be thoroughly cleaned using the correct products, kitchen and bathrooms floors and carpets will be steam cleaned.  All surfaces will be sanitised using the industry standard D10 spray or antiviral spray.

All the communal areas including handrails, light switches and door handles will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

All keys will be sanitised between guest.

All waterproof covers will be sanitised, mattress and pillow protectors will be changed between guest.

Room fabrics

It will be necessary to remove some items from the apartments which can potentially be infection holding such as throws, cushions and some kitchen equipment.  This will make the rooms look a little sparse but hope you understand the need to do so. 

Dewsbury House
30 Cocker Street
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